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Amy, previously called Slipper, was first taken in by Croydon Cats Protection (CPL) in 2002 as a pregnant stray aged approximately two years. After having her kittens she was neutered and homed to one of the branch's volunteers..

Unfortunately in 2009 her owners had to ask for help from the branch as Amy was being bullied by a neighbouring cat when in the garden and terrified by young children indoors. She needed a quiet home without children nor bullying cats. Amy came to us in February 2010 to be fostered till a new home could be found for her.

She was taken to the vets for a checkup and to be dematted but on being seen by the vet she was found to be very jaundiced. She was taken in immediately and put on a drip and had ultrasound and blood tests carried out to find the cause of the jaundice which was diagnosed as Cholangiohepatitis. A few days later we were able to bring her home, she was prescribed antibiotics and Destolit tablets. After nine weeks of treatment she had put on considerable weight and blood tests came back as very good, it was decided to stop her medication and see how she got on.

Early June 2010 Amy returned to the vets for a dental and to have further blood tests to see how she was progressing, all went very well and blood test results came back as excellent. She had settled in so well with us that in late June 2010 we decided to adopt her so she will now live with us permanently.

On the 15th September 2014 we took Amy to the vets for a checkup at which a suspected Thyroid problem was picked up so blood tests were carried out, they came back positive. She was put on Vidalta tablets to control the problem and on the 30th October she had an operation to remove one of her Thyroid Glands this was then followed on the 2nd December with the removal of the other. Both the these operations were a total success.

In February 2015 however we had to take her back to the vets, she had stopped eating and was very lethargic.
She had bought up two large furballs and her breath was very bad, a kidney problem was suspected. She was prescribed Katalax in case she had more furballs and was also given an injection to settle her stomach. A blood test was also taken.

When the results of the blood test came back we were told her kidneys were OK but she was very dehydrated and her white blood count was high, we were asked to take her straight in. She was put straight on a drip and given antibiotics. After three days we were told we could bring her home, she was completely back to normal. It was suspected that the large furballs she had had stopped her eating and drinking causing the dehydration, this was sorted out with the intravenous drip treatment.

In October 2016 we noticed Amy was not eating much and started losing weight. We took her to the vets on the 27th October were she was kept in for tests as a growth was felt on her kidney. The results came back that the growth didn't appear to be cancerous and she had good kidney function from her other kidney, it was decided to remove her deceased kidney to give her a chance. She went in on the 7th November to be put on a drip ready for her operation the next day.

We were phoned by the vet on the morning of the 8th November who told us that when he opened her up he found the growth had spread and attached itself to her organs and major blood vessels and nerves. We made the decision not to wake her up but rushed to the vets to say goodbye to her. She was the put to sleep without regaining consciousness.

Amy was a lovely girl and we are so happy we had her company for six years!

All the treatment Amy received was paid for by the Croydon Branch of Cats Protection (CPL).

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