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On a visit to our vets on the 24th March 2011 we were asked by Nicola, one of the receptionist, if we would be interested in having another cat. We were told he had been found wandering the streets and was much too young to be away from his mother. He had been taken to the vets where he was treated and looked after for several weeks. Then Nicola bought out Theo, how could we refuse that face and enormous ears - four days later Theo came to live with us!
What a lovely little character he is, getting up to all sorts of mischief and refusing to leave Charlie alone, even though he was much smaller than Charlie at the time he still "play attacked" at all opportunities!
Early in June 2013 Theo appeared to be having trouble urinating and was licking himself continually, very soon it was obvious he was in great pain and so was rushed to the vets. He was diagnose as suffering from Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). This is a term describing a group of clinical signs, Theo was suffering from Feline Urinary Blockage! This is an extremely serious condition and if he hadn't received treatment immediately he would have died!
Theo was given painkillers, antibiotics, put on a drip and was fitted with a catheter to make him comfortable this was followed up with an ultrasound scan to see what was causing the problem. It was discovered his bladder contained crystals and protein matrix which had formed a plug and blocked his urethra. His bladder was flushed several times to remove the debris causing the blockage and after a week was allowed home.
His food has had to be changed to wet food and a veterinary diet dry food, Urinary S/O, we are also giving him "Cystophan" capsules to reduce any stress he could be suffering from as this is thought to aggravate the problem.
In February 2021 we notice Theo was loosing a little weight, eating more and being very active. He would run around the house then dart out to the garden only to rush back in. We suspected he could have a thyroid problem and as he was due a visit to the vets we mentioned his behaviour to the vet.
After an examination it was decided to take a blood test which came back showing he has an over active thyroid so has been put on Methimazole Transdermal Gel. A further blood test will be taken after four weeks. A further blood test was carried out and the treatment was found to be working.
Early in August 2021 we notice Theo stopped eating properly was loosing weight and being sick so we took him to the vets. During the examination when his abdomen was pressed he squirmed and tried to get away. A full raft of blood test was carried out only showing his thyroid problem was under control, his kidneys weren't 100% but there was no indication of infection, it was decided to carry out x-ray and ultrasound tests. These test showed Theo was suffering from an intestinal intussusception, this a condition in which a segment of intestine telescopes into an adjacent piece of intestine.
On the 20th August 2021 Theo was operated on to attempt to rectify the problem, unfortunately during the operation a large tumour was found and the decision was made to put Theo to sleep while still anaesthetised.
What a lovely boy, he was always making us laugh at his antics!

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